Gait training

"Making the next step better!"

Losing a limb is a traumatic experience and the road to recovery is long. Most patients will need time to get comfortable with a prosthetic and will undergo physiotherapy for months or even years. Most patients are able to adapt and successfully resume their lives following an amputation.

Living with orthotic support such as braces or special footwear affects how you work and move each day. 

We at Johan Nieman Orthotics and Prosthetics know and understand the physical and emotional  changes to which our patients have to adapt and we are mindful that the daily living and recovering paths are different for each person.

Apart from encouraging daily care of your orthosis or prosthesis and embracing a healthy lifestyle, we are always here to give medical support and advice and to make every step better for you.


Orthotic support
Compassion – We will reach out with openness, kindness and
concern to our fellow man
Ethical Standards – We will conduct our business based on
sound ethical principles as set out by the HPCSA and our
Christian values
Excellence – We expect the best of ourselves and of one
Community – We will provide of our knowledge and time to
support and improve our local community
Corporate Responsibility – We will participate in the
development of our profession by attending congresses and
SAOPA related meetings
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